Here is an interesting bit of text with regard to Malibu Rapids – a place not far from where Merva finds home these days. It was taken from a ‘Bell Harbor Classic’ article (so credit to them).


1926 | 100′ | Blanchard Boat | |

Malibu is a classic 100-foot fantail motor yacht designed by Ted Geary.  She was built by Blanchard Boat Co. in 1926 for the owners of “Rancho Malibu”, then a remote ranch on the California Coast, but now the site of Malibu, California. Her third owner developed a posh resort at Princess Louisa Inlet, BC (Canada). Now a Christian Youth camp, Malibu Camp, as well as Malibu Rapids, are named after the boat.


Merva & Alder II

I did not have the opportunity to see the Alder II (a previous boat) and the Merva side-by-side. So I put two similar photos together.

I knew about Merva for many years before buying the Alder II. My plan was to do some upgrades to Alder II to make it like the Merva. In other words take an old work boat and make it more like an old yacht. I had done most of the work on the inside and I was preparing for the work on the outside when I decided to sell the Alder II. About a year later the Merva came up for sale and the ‘problem’ was solved. The main things I miss from the Alder II;

  • more head room and more elbow room (except for the washroom)
  • much more storage
  • original engine (and working well)
  • the wood stove
  • commercial grade build

But I am happy to have much of the work/expense done with the Merva. The Merva has;

  • large washroom
  • a dedicated kitchen space
  • bow with berth
  • nicer lines (raised deck)
  • new engine (its 3rd engine)