Dry Bilge

Water tanks sucked dry/clean and refilled. Moved fresh Whale water pump and installed a new Jabsco accumulator. The system held pressure over 12 hours so I think its ‘tight’. The thumping at the taps is gone but the pump still kicks in as soon as a tap is opened? The accumulator is supposed to come with 10 PSI in it but I will pump it up a bit and see if it works better.

NOTE: I turned the system on and let the pump run for quite awhile (with all taps open) to get the system primed. This did not work. I opened the system just before the pump and used a shop-vac to suck water from the tanks (create a siphon actually as the pump is lower than the tanks). I quickly reconnected the system and ran the pump. This worked very well.

Jabsco accumulator and Whale water pump.

The only leak now is the stuffing box drip.

Installed a bilge-in-a-bilge by removing one of the three existing electric bilge pumps (the largest one) and using its wiring and thru-hull to install a new Rule LoPro in a plastic container (effectively creating a bilge-in-a-bilge). This catches the stuffing box drip. So the bilge proper can be dry. The one ‘question mark’ is the hot water heater – I will turn it on and see if it leaks (as it heats up).

Another wire (white) and pipe (black) for new bilge.

The two open pipes are the drains for each water tank. Normally they are connected to each other to allow the tanks equalize naturally. I will reconnect them when I get the new fittings. I may even add a valve in that section of pipe so I can drain it without having to take it apart.

The boat is almost ready for the season. The capping board (rail) needs to be repainted. The skylight and lid on the anchor box both need to be re-varnished. I think everything else is fine.