Fresh Water System

Visited the boat several times today. I figured out where to install the accumulator. I had to move the pump (done) and move some pipes/fittings (to be done).

I drained the tanks into the bilge. This allowed me to;

  • thoroughly clean the inside of the tanks
  • determine to what degree fresh water plumbing may be leaking
  • ensure water channels through ribs are clean
  • ensure that the 2 primary bilge pumps are working
  • ensure that the manual bilge pump is working

The manual bilge pump does not seem to work… although I only made a half effort to test this. I did not get the water in the bilge high enough to test the large (3rd electric) bilge pump.

The tanks and the bilge are now sucked clean by the shop-vac. I will tighten up the stuffing box tomorrow (so its not dripping)… will see if the bilge builds or not.