Fresh Water System

First off – nobody drinks the water from these tanks. They are for the two sinks (dishes and washing hands).

Decided to install an accumulator. This will reduce the frequency of the pump doing its thing (it can be a bit noisy in the quiet of night). It will also eliminate the pulsing at the tap.

Looked into where it would go. Found some fittings, at the pump, leaking. This got me into thinking that the water in the bilge is not just from the stuffing box. It also got me to thinking about whether or not the pipes (from Whale) are polybutylene. In fact there have been a number of class action law suites (settled recently) having to do with plastic pipes and fittings degrading due to minerals in drinking water.

I looked inside the water tanks. I observed the repairs (looks like two generations) including the painted coating (the previous owner told me about). I also noticed some organic material. I was expecting some organic material as the tanks were filled from a lake at one point during last years cruise. I plan to empty the tanks and clean them.