Steering Cable

Top priority (and only non-optional item on the ToDo list) is replacing the frayed steering cable on the port side.

Purchased a new cable. Going with fat/thick like the original one but stainless with PVC coated. The starboard cable has been replaced and although its stainless and PVC coated it is much thinner.

Disconnected the two ends…

The idea was to use the old cable to pull the new one through. This did not go according to plan. The cable got stuck somewhere behind the wall. I managed to uncover almost all of the cable path – all except behind the stove. I found that the cable runs through some small bits of hardware designed to keep the cable routed more precisely and reduce the chance of friction (the hardware has a little wheel).

Problem. The new cable is too fat for those hidden hardware bits. I ordered a another cable. I still want it as fat as possible so I dropped it by just 1/8. This ‘should’ work.

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