Sullivan Bay to Minstrel Island

We awoke knowing that we only had to do 6 or 7 hours of cruising and that the next stop was likley to be an anchoring (Cutter Cove). We were invited by the folks on ‘Seeker’ to join them for pre-breakfast tea. We had a pleasant chat for about an hour. The water was back on so we left to complete our laundry and fill Merva with sink water. The internet was sorted but all I could do was send off a quick email via gmail. We left at 11:40.

The cruise was straight forward. I plotted the course then we all settled in to taking turns on the helm. Lukas and I did a couple of 1 hour shifts while Matt, as usual, did more.

I spent most of my, off-helm-time, in my birth reading. Having completed ‘Curve of Time’ – I started ‘Storm Too Early’. I completed it before the day was done.

Along the way we had two notable interactions/viewings. We were pursued by about 5 barn swallows for about 30 minutes. I mean up close and personal. One even flew into the wheel house via an open window – it quickly left. Odd. Another was a small humpback whale which crossed our path.

We arrived at the entrance to Cutter Cove around dinner time. I noticed a dock across from the cove. The chart told me it was a ‘Public’ dock. Matt remembered reading about a resort that had closed down and was now abandoned. I smelled a deal – free docking for the night. We docked the boat. A commercial prawn boat was there and before dark there were 5 more.

I BBQ’d the last ‘meat’ meal (aside from some bacon). It was 3 thick cut pork chops. Matt did rice and veggies to go with it and Lukas did cleanup. The fridg is essentially empty.

Matt and I have planned out the rest of the trip. Actually we set out to find a place to get some more food (Blind Bay) and it evolved into planning the next 5 days – taking us home. The last two nights will be; Lund followed by Egmont (weather providing). Its Sunday and we should be back Friday (+/- a day). The plan is to average about 6hrs / day of cruising including a long stretch from Lund to Egmont.

We will seek shelter on the north end of Texada if the weather gets bad along that leg.

NOTE: This place is run down badly (must of been quite nice at some point in the past) but there is a sign from DFO stating that there are plans in the works for this place. I also noticed that there is a subdivision adjacent with parcels sold and for sale. I think the future looks promising for this place.

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