Miles Inlet to Sullivan Bay

All slept well. Matt and I decided to get our cruising done in the morning as much as possible. We would still be in swells and such until we got closer to the islands. Matt and I got up around 08:00. Matt greased the propeller shaft bearings while I poured 60L of fuel from our reserve fuel cans. We actually had plenty of fuel to carry on but it seemed like a good time to do this. 18+hrs of cruising and about 60L of fuel used – wow! Matt thumbed through Wagoneer and soon found our next destination – Sullivan Bay.

We pulled anchor and left our sweet refuge. We soon found the swells and the surf but more like fun this time – given the context. The swells faded as the hours passed. We had a brief encounter with a small group of white sided porpoises as they hunted something under our boat. They appeared to succeed and then left us.

Matt and I did the helm work until Lukas awoke. Lukas made us all pancakes for breakfast and he then joined in helm duty as well.

Pulled into Sullivan Bay. I was eager to; connect with their free WiFi, have a shower and do some laundry (in that order). We have done serious miles and I was anxious to let folks know ‘all was ok’. Unfortunately; we could do none of the above. Well the water eventually worked (an early season problem). This is the most expensive place we have stopped at (and probably will be the most expensive) and they did not deliver. I certinaltly do not feel like I got what I was promised (paid for).

We will be dropping anchor for the next two nights (27th and 28th – as we make our way south) and then to Lund (at least this is the current plan). May pick up a cell signal along the way otherwise it will be Lund in 3 days. Then Egmont and then home.

Matt and I (mostly Matt) made dinner and Lukas did cleanup. We played cards in the evening. Its raining but Merva is keeping us dry with the diesel stove keeping us warm.

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