Lizzie Cove to Shearwater

We left Lizzie Cove at 9:40 with the plan to stop in Shearwater for the night then spend the next morning in Bella Bella (as Ben was to fly home from there). The 3 of us remaining to head toward Ocean Falls by noon.

The trip from Lizzie Cove to Shearwater was short – just 1hr 30min. We passed through a narrow channel – and during this we happened upon another whale. This was the best viewing yet. We lingered for about 15 min and then continued on to Shearwater. We made a list of things needed and needed to be done.

We arrived in Shearwater at 11:10, fuelled up, topped up sink and drinking water. Ben decided that he was fine with paying $5 to take a water taxi to Bella Bella tomorrow to save us from having to back-track. So we will skip Bella Bella. We then headed to the pub for lunch. We went for a short walk after lunch (not much to see at all) and then split up. Lukas and Matt had showers while I got on this blog.  I will get our laundry going next and we will have dinner in the pub.

Unfortunately; its a holiday today and all of the stores are closed until 13:00 tomorrow. We can not leave without provisioning so it will be a later departure than we had planned.

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