Namu to Lizzie Cove

Rain fell upon Merva from early morning until close to noon. This was our first rain. This made sleeping in an easy thing. Even still we were up and about by about 9:00.

Our plan was to head to Codville Lagoon about 2hrs north, drop anchor, and go for a hike to a small lake. However; when we arrived we were told (by another boat) that a large cougar had just passed by. We decided to skip the hike and head to our overnight destination – Lizzie Cove.

Along the way we came across another whale and some dolphins. Ben was on the helm during this. I was taking a break – playing a video game – of all things. Still – all were on deck when the shout ‘whale’ went out. I, eventually, went back down to the bow birth and spent the rest of that leg (until we hit the tricky bits) in the bow birth reading ‘Curve of Time’.

We pulled into Lizzie Cove – not certian that this was the kind of place we wanted to stay. But the folks were friendly and we quickly warmed up to the place. I would say that I found it a pleasant surprise in the end.

Matt and Ben went fishing (with great success). I did some projects on the boat such as find out why the 120v sockets were no longer working (now sorted – we overloaded the inverter). I also played against Lukas’ backgammon algorithm (more work needed but coming along nicely).

As we socialized I mused at how much I like all the people I am travelling with and how different but complimentary we all are.

Ben and Matt used the drone, at sunset, to capture some nice video. We all soon went to sleep.

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