Pluth Bay to Namu

We left Pluth Bay and headed to Namu with no real plan except to check it out. We ‘dialed in’ pulling the anchor up. Basically; we decided it was best done with two people on the bow. One to winch the anchor up and another to pull the incoming rode from the anchor box, around the Samson post and back into the anchor box. The second persons job is needed because the rode does not always flow into the anchor box and because the winch lets loose on a regular basis. The winch seems to have a broken tooth but it was built in 1910 and is original to the boat so it stays. It can be done by one – just a lot more fussing about.

We made our way through the northbound channel and stumbled upon a whale (but not an orca) cruising close to shore. We circled the boat to take it in. It came to the surface quite a few times but always briefly so it was hard to capture it in a photo.

East bound and then Northbound to Namu. We passed the old buildings and made our way into Rocky Inlet. It seemed a nicely protected site to stay the night so we dropped the anchor. It was a short tender ride to the old cannery. We spent some time poking about this massive relic and then returned to Merva. The tide was up and heading for slack so Ben and Matt went out fishing on the tender.

A ‘Band’ Photo? Visiting Namu.

Lucas and I read and spent time on our computers. We had dinner ready for Matt and Ben (and ourselves) when they returned (no fish). We used the remaining chicken (on BBQ) almost all of the remaining bacon, and put it together with a pasta and some veggies. We all had two helpings – success!.

We returned the tender to the roof and played cards until about 21:30 then all went to sleep.

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