Fury Cove to Pluth Bay

Everyone slept until about 9:00. The landscape (as in the other boats) seemed to constantly (and silently) change. One boat left in the night (probably early morning) and another soon after we awoke. We decided to fend for ourselves for brunch as 3 of us were quite full from the previous evenings feast. Matt, Ben, and I visited shore for a walk about. We checked out the cabin and then returned to Merva. We soon pulled anchor (which was a chance to get to know the anchoring system). We left for Pluth Bay around 12:00.

The 2nd Of Our Weekly Special Being Prepared

Our departure was good timing as 4 large passage makers arrived (3 of them as we exited the narrow channel). We cruised into Pluth Bay with the batteries all recharged and systems ready. We spent some time considering whether to drop anchor in an adjacent bay (as the two other cruisers had) or closer to the research centre (aka – the WiFi). We decided we would anchor in Pluth Bay so we could get the WiFi from the boat. We knew we had to be 150 meters away (and not obstruct planes that may want to land). So we anchored on the sunny side and stern tied. This all took a little while and in the end we did not get quite close enough to the WiFi.

Our Quirky Stern Tie (desperate attempt to be within WiFi range)

We took the tender to the dock and immediately headed down the trail to the beach. The beach really is very nice. We decided to come back in the evening.

Lukas On West Beach

You can check out West Beach web cam (including footage of when we were there – you can see us). Just look for 2018-05-18.

Lukas and I took care of dinner while Matt and Ben went fishing in the tender.  A pin in the prop broke and they had to row quite a distance to get back to Merva. We ate dinner and Matt and Ben got to fixing the engine. They broke a bit of a screw driver off and with the help of some tape to tighten the fit – they got it to work again. Happy days.

Weather calm and sunny. Baby mosquitoes a plenty but not quite old enough to bite.

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