Systems Check

Valerie and I made our way to the Farm with testing systems (cooking, heating, radar, etc) on my mind. Merva was dressed up for the Carol Cruise next weekend.


  1. Diesel Heater: Ran diesel heater from about 5pm until about noon the next day. Had it hot enough to boil water etc for dinner but turned it down for the night. Heat was far less in the morning – even when turned all the way up. However there was still a large flame but with no blue. Ended up cooking breakfast with the alcohol stove – which worked perfectly. Diesel heater fuel tank seemed empty but only took 5L to fill. Knocking on it has me thinking its not full. Mystery. Need to look into this.
  2. Hot Water: Heated up the water with shore power before departing and it was hot some hours later. The next morning (about 18 hours later) the water was warm (not hot).
  3. Electrical: Had lights on etc and no real power loss from the batteries. I think they can hanlde much more than just one night out before needing some power back.

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