Time for a deep equipment purge of Merva. Removed just about everything loose on the boat and sorted some of it into bins for storage in the boat shed, some into the workbench, some to home, and some went to the garbage.

Tested equipment such as the 3 stoves. I had to suck some diesel out of the bottom of the diesel stove before going through the ignition sequence for the first time. It works very well. Given its age I thought it would be finicky. Super happy.

There are two additional stoves – each of which fit perfectly atop the diesel stove. A 2 burner electric for when moored with power. The other is a 2 burner alcohol for when cooking in warmer temperatures (the diesel stove is best used in colder temperatures only as it gives off a lot of heat). All stoves in perfect working order.

Kitchen utensils and cooking kit has been paired down to just what is needed for 4 persons. I may have to do a bit of work on the cabinet shelving as they are currently customized for the many dishes and such that came with the boat. The end result is that there is more room for food storage and personal kit now.

I took stock of the safety gear. There is more than most boats of this size – including an oxygen bottle.


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