Boat Shed, Fridg

Boat Shed

Loads of rain has highlighted the need to fix some leaks in the boat shed roof. Wired up some proper light switches… will eventually replace the wiring and light fixtures.


The previous owner of Merva told me that the Fridg does not work – possibly lost all of its gas. I have decided to fix it. I traced the wire to an unlabeled breaker and the breaker is working fine and power is being provided. I found the control inside the cabinet next to the fridg and its light does not come on and adjusting the dial has no affect. I know some compressors have fuses on them so it was time to get at the compressor – but how? I managed to find the trick and got my head in there for a look.

It turns out I did not have to remove the doors, drawers and such but  now that they are off I will take some time to paint that green away and refinish this wood.

I used my camera to try to find fuses – but no luck. So next step is to remove the compressor.


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