Back To Tillicum Bay Marina

Merva was ‘splashed’ around 17:00 – no problems. Headed back to Tillicum Bay Marina but with a social visit/stop along the way. I docked at a friends. Valerie met friend and I on Merva and we all enjoyed some food and a good chat. So next haul out should be 2 or even 3 years from now. Stuff to note; it took exactly one can of bottom paint. In this case; two cans and two coats. Also; the white Brightside should be painted next time the bottom is done as trying match touch ups is not working (different whites) – looks bad.

Added/replaced some safety stuff;

  • 2 new fire extinguishers
  • 2 new smoke alarms
  • 1 new CO2 alarm
  • new small axe
  • new throw bag (doing double duty as tied to life ring)
  • new 100′ length of poly (for towing tender)
  • new water proof flashlight

I am supposed to keep 2 pails of at least 10L for fire fighting. I guess they can be my garbage cans.

To do;

  • new flares
  • bungs
  • check to see if the motor will start while in gear
  • consolidate (and add) tools to make a complete set
  • ‘un-earth’ the water tanks measure and order new ones
  • send survey to insurance company
  • join ‘Classic Yacht Association’
  • empty little tin full of diesel by stove (why is it there?)
  • tune radar (radar deflector in the way??)
  • come up with a strategy to protect leather cushions from kids/swimmers
  • clean boat cover (its a bit green from last winter)
  • launch tender (for practice)
  • fix a few hatches with missing backstops
  • paint the rail (same green) sometime this summer
  • put some bronze on the rail where anchor chain runs
  • and more stuff…




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