Purchase, Donell

The owner of Merva, Donell, had clearly looked after the boat and had some great fun/adventures aboard. I also; loved his sense for aesthetics on Merva. He was super easy to work with to come to an agreement to buy the boat and more than accommodating with the logistics of the transfer. In short – great guy!

Donell taking us for a harbour cruise

I returned to Granville Island to spend a few days getting Merva ready for its trip to its new home in Sechelt Inlet. This was mostly varnish on the stripped wood. About 90% of the varnish had already been stripped off so I just put a couple of coats on the bare wood. Talk about low hanging fruit. Big difference!

before varnish
after varnish (2 quick coats)

Valerie and I stayed aboard Merva for a couple of nights. The berth was super awesome. I gather that Donell plans to put a larger boat in there to take full advantage of it.

Granville Island
Granville Island

Loads of activity in there. The big city! Valerie flew off to San Diego for work and I motored Merva to its new home.


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