Abernethy & Gaudin: Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We have two weeks to go until launch, 90% done 90% to go.
There is not a piece of this boat we have not touched during this project. We have made this boat the very best of both worlds. It was important to us to have the esthetics’s of the boat as original as possible while having all of the modern conveniences of a new boat. I’d compare it to installing disk brakes on a classic car. While all the other cars on the road have incredible stopping capabilities the classic car is rear ending all the others. I don’t know if that a worthy analogy but it’s what came to mind. The list of mod-cons are new wiring, bilge pumps, lighting, engine, tanks hot and cold water system, radiant heat through out the boat and the engine, there are many more things on the list.
I’m really looking forward to the launch. I think we will make a big at do about it. Merva has been in the shop since Christmas.

Here is Theresa doing the final fill for the paint job
exterior joinery, forward chain locker hatch
More faring on the hull



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