Abernethy & Gaudin: Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Super Dave

Dave removing the lead out of Merva. Lets count 5 lead ingots x 60lbs a piece = 300lbs. Good thing we are up to date with WCB.

bronze rudder and propeller

A solid cast rudder and the prop for Merva.

Ed. This propeller spun off in 2015 as Merva came into her berth on Granville Island (Vancouver). A new propeller (offering a better fit) was installed soon after. So its unlikely that this propeller was original – put on some time in its history as being a ‘close enough’ fit.


This is Merva getting covered in canvas. This is one of my favorite jobs as a boatbuilder. It is just so satisfying to cover something with a consistent white blanket. We stretch the canvas by hand and staple it temporarily until we are satisfied with how it looks. Then we use copper nails and pull out the staples as they are made of steel and would rust at some point.


Erin laying out the canvas

Here I am brushing off some copper nail clippings after we have stretched the canvas. After trimming, we fill the weave of the canvas with many coats of paint.

brushing off some copper nail clippings

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