Abernethy & Gaudin: Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Here is a link to a video of Merva underway crossing the Straight of Georgia…

This is the reconditioned galley area. New fitting imported from Europe and a sealed copper back splash are some of the details that we installed.

reconditioned galley

Here is the new cabinet we have just built and installed into the boat. This cabinet is located in the pilothouse under the passenger seating. The wood is a match to the rest of the boat. It’s Sapelle mahogany, the drawer sides are fir and the frame work is cherry.

new cabinet

This is the engine room located under the floor of the pilothouse. We built this to replace a similarly designed fir floor. The new floor and hatches feature sound proofing built into the hatches. The greatest feature of this hatch system is the sliding center board that is also removable. The pilot house on Merva is very small, the hatch system that we designed allows the operator to continue driving the boat while a crew member could access the engine. The engine room is designed to be completely serviceable. All essential service items are positioned to be handled with ease. We also made the engine room intuitive. The goal was to make servicing the systems simple.

engine room

This another view of the new cabinet. looking across the pilothouse floor.

another view of the new cabinet

Here is some details of the heads. Sepelle counter and a copper back splash.


In the winter of 2009 we had the pleasure of having Merva in our shop for a complete re-fit. New engine, interior finishes and all new systems. Basically we took the hull of Merva, repaired what need attending to and totally updated the boat with all the modern conveniences. All the upgrades were carefully thought out. The goal was to not disturb the original look of Merva yet have all the best of the new world. Modern electrical plumbing, sounders and navigation systems are essential in the busy waters these day. The Owner of the boat did all the necessary research to make the boat a period piece. We are very pleased with how Merva turned out. Merva has been featured in our blog before. The cover picture is of Merva’s bow.

wheel house



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