Abernethy & Gaudin: Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow and then some.
I spent Monday digging out 30 inches of snow off many boats the would have otherwise suffered. That stuff is not light, I tell ya! I can’t complain I was really missing the snow this fall and now I’m fully satisfied. Other than the pipes freezing we have had no problems at the shop due to the weather. I have been able to get to the shop most days thanks to better attention to the roads from the municipality crews.

Polar Star, a 38f. trawler that is suffering from a mystery leak. Although we found some evidence that water has been coming through the stuffing box due to corroision on the shaft in that area. Still searching for other sources of leaks before she goes back in the water.

Merva, Waiting to come up on the ways. She is next in line. I foresee he being in the shop for the remainder of the winter. I can’t wait to have her nested in the shop. So far we have been taking her apart, pulling out all redundant equipment. there is many many years of layered systems. Already the waterline has come up a couple of inches.

Balandra. 21f sail, is setteling in nicely. It is nice to be greeted by her in the mornings. In the loft we have 5 coats of spar varnish on and should get the rigging back from the rigger soon. That will be one stage of the project complete. I’m looking forward to getting the canvas on the decks in January.


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