Internal: Varnish

While the wood finish on the exterior is varnish – the interior is a mix of oil and varnish. I am slowly moving the interior to 100% varnish. I did a bit of this in the wheel house today.

Louver Panels, Fuel

I decided to fetch the louver panels from the mezzanine in the boathouse and install them. It would appear that they have not been installed in a long time as I had to install supporting bits first.

Tossed 4 cans of fuel into the port side. Seems to have leveled out across starboard so no need to add fuel there. Fuel gauges a little suspect (what else is new) but the 4 cans alone is enough to get to Lund (next trip) so – no worries.

Forward Cabin, Hull Label, Wheel

Forward Cabin

Two passes with white semi-gloss on the ceiling and starboard side of the forward cabin. Looks *much* better – fresh!

Hull Label

Stopped in at Sechelt Sign. Worked on a new hull label. The old label will be removed when the hull is painted so an opportunity to improve on things – or not.


I removed the panel covering the wheel chain so I could inspect the steering cables and investigate the possibility of installing a Volvo Easy Connect (blue tooth connectivity for the engine). The newer cable (I installed a couple of years ago) is fine but the older cable has 1 or 2 broken wires and will have to be replaced. I think it can wait until fall.

Banner, Fenders, Flower Boxes


I took Merva out today knowing that the bright sunshine will show the dust I would have to attack with windex and paper towel.

I tried gluing and then stitching the gold braid onto the canvas but not happy about either method. During this I noticed that the gold braid loves to attach itself to velcro. so I ordered a bunch of black velcro (with a sticky/glue side). So the current plan is to attach the gold braid and the ribbon using velcro.



I found that the fenders (all 4 of them) fit into the anchor locker. I am going to try storing them there instead of leaving them laying on the roof.

Flower Boxes

I prepared the flower boxes for soil by adding plastic.

Forward Hatches, Tender

Re-installed forward hatches.

just need to install guard rails on the sky light

The rain let up so I took Merva out of the boathouse so I could put the tender back up on the roof.

Forward Hatches

The plan was to give the two forward hatches a quick sand a apply a coat of varnish. Unlike the rest of the boat these hatches were last done with the ‘Spar’ brand of varnish and were a lighter colour. The varnish was falling off – totally expired after just two years.

I removed the hatches, stripped them, and started applying new ‘Epifanes’ varnish. Much nicer.

I ‘stitched’ in the canvas. It is loose at the moment but I will tighten it up in the future.

Regular mechanical maintainence is next. I emptied out the tool bin in the engine compartment so I can remove the bin and get at the batteries.

Paint and Varnish

Spring is here and it is now warm enough to continue with some fresh paint and varnish. I will take Merva to Lund on the 15th to have it hauled out. This will result in fresh bottom paint and probably the brightside as well.

In the meantime; I have been refreshing varnish and paint in other areas. I removed the mast, stripped it, and applied new varnish. I did the same with the midship skylight and a few others bits – including teh back of the wheel house.

The new canvas has been finalized. I removed it and refinished the framework and then reinstalled the canvas.

Cleaned the tender and refreshed the ‘exterior’ paint and varnish.

Paint, Clean, Water Pump, Hull Paint


Spring weather is here and its warm enough to paint. I cleaned the inside of the boat, painted the other half of the kitchen (half was painted last year). It takes a minimum of two coats of the fresh white to cover up the yellowed white from 13+ years ago. I then cleaned some more. This is it for the interior paint refresh but the bathroom looks like a likely target for the next time around.

moved my desk out of the boat to make room for the work
clean the bilge at least once a year – usually twice
almost everything gets cleaned with glass cleaner and paper towel – floor and all
under stove cabinet doors – waiting for new (nicer) hinges
added grease to bunk bearings
added grease to stuffing box
so many extra screws when done?
ready to start throwing stuff back into the boat

Water Pump

I filled the water tanks and turned the water pump on. The pump sounded like it was working but it could not get a prime. The pump was old so I installed a new pump – still no prime. I began to think that there was a blockage but that seemed unlikely. I eventually found the problem. An elbow fitting (tucked away – of course) had become (just a bit) loose for some reason. I shoved the pipe into the fitting to reseal it and all was good.

Hull Paint

A friend was diving a couple of sail boats in the marina – to clean of bulk of recent fouling. He was kind enough to do the same for Merva – and replaced a zinc on the rudder as well. I thought that this would be sufficient for another year but I could see the green (inner most layer) paint in some areas so I scheduled boat to be pulled out for fresh hull paint (bottom and sides). This will happen June 16th at Jacks Boat Yard in Lund.


New canvas is on its way.

The inspiration for the new canvas is a traditional navy cap.

The colour will be changing from green to black. No zipper for adding panels to enclose the area. A 6″ panel will be added and it will be decorated with a ribbon.